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Newly Accredited Packaging Testing

Empirical Technologies is thrilled to announce our new ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation to perform packaging testing for medical devices. The journey from manufacturer to patient is fraught with risks for medical devices. From rough handling to heavy vibrations during transport, there are many opportunities for critical devices and their protective packaging to be compromised. Manufacturers must ensure their packaging meets quality, safety, and functional requirements to avoid potential waste, resource loss, and especially threats to patient safety.

Why We're the Choice for Medical Packaging Testing

Empirical Technologies’ ISO/IEC 17025:2017-accredited lab offers cost-effective testing solutions for clients’ medical device packaging. We have served the medical industry with trustworthy evaluations and analysis for over twenty-five years. Our team of testing specialists can perform a variety of methods to evaluate the strength, durability, ruggedness, and sterility of your medical device packaging.
The testing offered by Empirical Technologies addresses the four most significant causes of compromised medical device packaging:
Applying measured external force to determine the point of failure due to internal pressure
Simulating the environments in which medical device packaging will be shipped and handled
Validating the integrity of the packaging’s seal to ensure contamination prevention
Calculating the force necessary to open the packaging by separating the bonded seal
We employ many options for package testing. Our experts help clients select the relevant tests and understand the results so they can make informed decisions regarding their products. The medical device testing lab is newly accredited to perform packaging testing according to the following ASTM standards:

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Under-performing packaging can impede even the best and most effective medical devices on their way to market. We help manufacturers ensure their products remain uncontaminated until the moment of unsealing. Call 719-457-1144 today to schedule packaging testing with Empirical Technologies.
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