“Empirical does a great job that is why [I] keep coming back. Why would I go anywhere else?”

Frankie L. Morris at Bone Solutions, Inc.

“Very smooth process….test blocks and testing was done quickly, and exceeded his expectations of time frame. The fact that the test engineer offered to have a recap conference call to review the testing, this was very useful, was very appreciative of that opportunity to have that conversation after the testing was complete. It helped in…

Adam Rogers at Spine Simplicity

“The Empirical Team has once again proven instrumental to our business and RA/QA efforts by assisting us with yet another successful 510(k) submission and clearance!”

Andrew Rogers at SpineEX

“Empirical has been a knowledgeable and responsive extension of our Regulatory Affairs team. We are looking forward to our future collaborations.”

Sr. Engineer at Integrity Implants Inc.

How satisfied are you with the completion of your 510(k) submission project within the expected lead time? – “Very satisfied”

Janet Jin of Changzhou Yonghua Medical Instrument Co., LTD

The Empirical Team is “thorough, very helpful, ready to go.”

Bev S.

“[Stacey] has really helped out with getting things to him before the expected lead time.”

A.K. – Quality Assurance Manager

“Comprehensiveness and completeness. [I] didn’t have to go back and forth to get questions answered.”

Matt J.

“Empirical has always been the standard in mechanical testing. Dawn is the best.”

Charlie F. at Acuity Surgical

What quality factor did you find most valuable about Empirical?——-“Responsiveness, and flexibility to requests. Understanding the process and testing requirements.”


“…the report was of a very high standard.”

Biomedical Engineer at Zain

“Very satisfied, efficient, detailed.”


“The data from ETC is a critical element of our FDA submissions.”


“Empirical is our number one go to for FDA/Regulatory items.”

Ernesto R.

“Great service. Really enjoy expertise Empirical has.”

Sam F.

CLEARED in 130 Days – 510(k) submission of Accu-Joint Hemi Implant_______________________ “The entire Empirical team worked diligently and with the highest level of competence and professionalism. The Accufix Surgical Inc team looks forward to working on other projects with ETC.”

Michael Parisi – Accufix Surgical Inc.

ETC Testing Services – “Very professional and responsive team, Empirical as a partner is paramount to Accufix in moving their product forward.”

Accufix Surgical Inc.

… the auditor was very impressed with our quality management system. He used the words “beautiful” and “robust” several times when commenting on our system. He found no major problems or “nonconformities”.

~ JG

Thank you for getting this testing done so quickly for us and for continuing to make this a priority for us. We really appreciate your attention to this project.

~ CJ

I’m so happy to be working with ETC on our projects. Your team is highly professional and they communicate so well.

~ PM