Matt Krafft

Matt Krafft

Phone:+1 719.457.1144


Matt has 8 years experience as a machinist and specializes in micro-machining, small batch, and prototyping. He has manufactured custom test blocks, fixtures, and precision instruments for nearly a decade at Empirical and has worked with a variety of materials including titanium, PEEK, stainless steel, plastics, aluminum, and more.

Education: Western Michigan University, Pueblo Community College

What I love about my job field:  Being able to combine engineering, physics, and creativity to make something useful. I like making something out of an idea and the challenge of finding something useful in a piece of material.

What I enjoy most about my job at Empirical: Walking through the Lab and seeing all of the things that I made in use.

What sets Empirical apart from our competitors: Working through every job with the customer to ensure every expectation is met.


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