Why Accreditations Matter To Your Projects

When you partner with Empirical Testing Corp, you partner with the lab known worldwide for the most extensive list of industry-recognized accreditations for [orthopedic] medical devices.

Our experience and expertise serves a wider variety of custom applications for a broader spectrum of orthopedic implants. Additionally, because we collaborate regularly with ASTM to help design and develop new testing methodologies, Empirical is your preferred partner for innovative products which don’t have current test standards.

The bottom line? Your bottom line. Empirical customers save an average of 30% and 6-weeks on ACP systems, and up to 60% and 8-weeks on lumbar IBFD.

empirical-circle-graph-spaceHow? First, we are equipped to add value starting in the concept phase of product development. By engaging then, we can highlight the differentiators and efficacy of your product. Next, we focus on solutions specific to your device that address not only the regulatory concerns, but the overall quality these products will provide your customers.

With streamlined processes and over 17 years of proven industry success, Empirical adds value to your team by partnering with you and providing the highest level of quality and service available in medical device testing worldwide.

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