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The Experts in U.S. & International Comprehensive Mechanical Testing

When your product or device is ready for testing, it is essential that you have the confidence in a testing partner who will help you realize timely and effectual market success. At Empirical Testing Corp., we have proven successes throughout the world in our standard and custom protocols for feasibility, product development, release testing, safety batch analysis, and batch/lot quality testing.

Building on our reputation as a global leader in the medical device testing industry, Empirical Testing Corp. brings the same commitment to excellence to other industry segments as well. It’s why the largest and most respected orthopedic companies partner with Empirical to ensure product integrity and repeatable test results.

Our comprehensive suite of in-house mechanical testing solutions will determine if a material or part is suitable for its intended application by measuring properties such as elasticity, tensile strength, elongation, fracture toughness, impact resistance, stress rupture and the fatigue limit.

In our mechanical testing lab, you will find world renowned experts with over 60 years of combined technical experience on our team.

We specialize in developing custom protocols and test methods for any type of mechanism our customers create, including validation methods after development. If the device requires mechanical evaluation, whether an ASTM/ISO standard exists, or a custom protocol and test method need developed, we ARE the global experts in mechanical testing.

Whether you have a device for a novel application or one that seeks to improve existing technology, Empirical has nearly 20 years of proven success in designing and executing testing for our clients to help them achieve their goals, on time and on budget. From product verification or validation

testing to evaluating the effects of environmental or manufacturing processes, along with the standard material testing methodologies to evaluate effects of manufacturing processes, our world-renowned team

of engineers are committed to providing you exceptional service along with accurate and repeatable results.

Here is a sampling of our testing capabilities:

• Protocol development & Review

• Custom test method development & validation

• Cantilever bending

• Bi-axial torsion & compression

• Multi-axis loading

• Product or component validation/verification

• Product lot verification

• Component strain gaging

• Durability

• Life-cycle

• Creep

• Process effect on durability

• Process effect on material properties

• Accelerated aging (Shelf-life)

• Environmental aging/degradation

• Corrosion effect on durability

• Environmental testing (temp, humidity, salt concentration)

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Commercial Oil

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