As an A2LA ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited mechanical testing laboratory specializing in medical device testing, Empirical Testing is equipped to respond to a fast-paced product development environment.

  • Trusted Reputation
  • Comprehensive & proven solutions
  •  Extension of your team, providing expert guidance & timely execution
  • 20 + years of experience
  • Regulatory-ready test reports
  • Custom protocols and testing
  • Additive manufactured and component testing
  • Titanium subject matter experts

While Empirical Testing Corp.’s extensive scope of accreditation covers a wide variety of medical devices — from spinal to extremities — Empirical also is dedicated to development and testing of custom protocols for devices that push the envelope of existing technologies.

Empirical Testing Corp. has 24-hour operations and a team of biomedical engineers to help you execute your test plan. We offer a complete service package, including an unsurpassed technical report. Empirical’s objective is to furnish you with accurate and reliable test reports that can be submitted to meet global regulatory requirements, including FDA and CE marketing approval. Our proven expertise in many biomechanical engineering disciplines and our philosophy of continuous improvement in all that we do enables us to be the best.


Depending on dimensions of the space and amount of work, it takes from a week to a 2-3 month to complete the renovation project.

The total budget may vary as sizes of rooms are very different. For example, approximate budget for a basic bathroom renovation is from $3500 to $5000. If you need detailed calculation of materials and work, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Renovation project can be initiated by the clients. If you need to reconstruct your old house, a room or a basement, you need to appeal to us, approve the project and budget and we’ll start working.