About the Team


The Empirical Team is your partner for success.
We employ the most skilled and knowledgeable mechanical testing experts, regulatory consultants, engineers, machinists, lab technicians, and project managers in the industry. Our combined knowledge is your knowledge! We are dedicated to providing the most efficient and accurate services possible to help your team’s project through the pipeline faster. All of our team members provide the best customer service and communication and are trained to find comprehensive solutions.
We have over 100 + years of combined expertise ready for you to harness as your own.

Empirical's Founders

Dawn Lissy, MS
Founder & President
Dawn Lissy is a biomedical engineer, entrepreneur, and innovator. Since 1998, Empirical Technologies Corp. has operated under Lissy’s direction. Empirical
Chris Lissy
Vice President and Founder
Chris has worked with Dawn to build Empirical from a single employee in 1998 to the full team of three

The Empirical Team

Sales & Marketing

Colleen “Cappy” Prendergast
Administrative Assistant to the President & Vice President
Colleen's experience as an administrative assistant to entrepreneurs for 18 years provides strong support for Empirical on several levels. She
Chanda Chatham
Marketing and Communications Manager
With 10+ years experience in marketing and communications and 20+ years experience in graphic design, Chanda strives to provide creative
Karen Nease
Program Manager
Karen has over 10 years’ experience of direct patient care and clinical management. She appreciates that accurate and dependable testing
Susan Holmes
Program Manager
Susan has several years of experience managing major international client accounts from end to end of their projects.  Her past
Bonnie Winsett
Program Manager
Bonnie is a project management professional and Microsoft Office specialist. She takes pride in providing excellent customer service while ensuring
Teresa Barnes
Solutions & Services Specialist
Teresa has taught business subjects at the high school level, and then worked as a bookkeeper/office manager for 40 years

Regulatory, Quality, & Validation Services

Meredith May, RAC, CQA
Director of Consulting
Meredith May, a biomedical engineer, brings decades of orthopedic implant industry experience in manufacturing, design, regulatory and quality to your
Nathan Wright
Engineer & Regulatory Specialist
Nathan began at Empirical as a test engineer and over a few years developed expertise in medical device testing including


Dan Istrate
Engineering Lab Manager
Dan has worked  in the automotive racing industry and a has extensive experience in mechanical testing, test equipment design, and
Stacey Barber
Senior Test Engineer
Empirical is my first full time job out of school. In school, I had the opportunity to fill my classes
Keith Harper
Senior Technician/Calibration
Keith's entire career has been in testing of components in the Automotive field. He has extensive experience in calibration ensuring
Marcus Martinez
Test Engineer
Marcus specializes in Mechatronics and has a background in static testing with various parts and materials. Education: Bachelor of Science
Keith Syrstad
Test Engineer
My interests in the biomedical field really began with two graduate level courses, Orthopedic Biomechanics, and Additive Manufacturing, which really
Kristine Happach
Test Engineer
My dual degree of Biomedical Engineering combined with Mechanical Engineering has given me a great foundation of knowledge in both
Brooke Levine
Test Engineer
Empirical is my first full time job out of college.  While in school, I was able to try mechanical testing


Dawn Lissy, MS
Founder & President
Dawn Lissy is a biomedical engineer, entrepreneur, and innovator. Since 1998, Empirical Technologies Corp. has operated under Lissy’s direction. Empirical


Matt Krafft
Matt has 8 years experience as a machinist and specializes in micro-machining, small batch, and prototyping. He has manufactured custom
Andy Witt
Andy has been a machinist for 22 years. He have worked with all kind of materials and numerous machining centers.


Lisa Clemons
Lisa is a licensed Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Masters in International Management. She
Laura Murdock
Accounting Specialist
Laura got her start in the accounting industry in high school and has continued to focus on the skills needed

What People Think About Us

… the auditor was very impressed with our quality management system. He used the words “beautiful” and “robust” several times when commenting on our system. He found no major problems or “nonconformities”.

~ JG

Thank you for getting this testing done so quickly for us and for continuing to make this a priority for us. We really appreciate your attention to this project.

~ CJ

I’m so happy to be working with ETC on our projects. Your team is highly professional and they communicate so well.

~ PM

We received clearance yesterday on our device thanks in large part to your efforts on this project. Thank you very much for the hard work and attention to detail!

~ PW

First and foremost I want to thank you and your team for turning around all the test fixture manufacturing, testing, and test reports so expeditiously on our most recent project. The hoops you jumped through resulted in getting 510(k) clearance. You continue to be a great resource for us and we are looking forward to…

~ SM